Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ticklebug & Tacklehug go to Market!

Saturday, 20 August was Ticklebugs official launch at the Glenbrook Rotary Markets. Showcasing our special pocket cushion Owls, applique t-shirts, bean bags, baby bibs and mobiles. Alongside was Tacklehug, a wonderfully unique little business specialising in gorgeous dolls, colouring in journals and hand painted wooden dolls.

Kate and I were pleasantly surprised at the success of our first ever market and would like to thank our families (who helped with our little people) and friends who supported us prior to and on the day. A very special thank you goes out to all who admired and purchased our handmade treasures. We hope you are very happy with your purchase and hope to see you again soon.

Very soon, I will be posting all my products for sale, however, in the meantime, Ticklebug and Tacklehugs next stall will be held at our son's pre-school, Rainbow, Winmalee for their annual Open Day.

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  1. hi mim, welcome ticklebug to blog space. hip hip hooray for the market, it was outstanding and your items for little ppl are nothing short of lovable. can't wait to place my order very soon and see you at the next stall.. x j